What is

Meyer’s development over the next few years will regard three separate but interdependent areas: the Hospital, Meyer Health Campus and the Health Park. Meyer+ brings together these three areas, which are linked to the services for care and welcoming, training and research, and specialist outpatient activities.

Meyer is not only
looking toward the future
– it’s already building it.

Healthcare and Welcoming

The Hospital

The main part of the hospital, or rather Meyer Children’s Hospital as it stands now, will gradually change as the newly acquired and refurbished structures take shape. As spaces in the hospital are gradually freed up, they will be renovated for other services.

Care in the hospital will be supported and accompanied by a special welcome: the Anna Meyer Family Center, the point of reference during the hospital stay, from hospitalization to the return home.

Education and Training

Meyer Health Campus

Meyer Health Campus is a recently acquired building that hosts education and training. In partnership with the University of Florence and the Tuscany Region, the campus will host all the training activities related to pediatrics, guiding the training of tomorrow’s pediatricians and accompanying professionals who are already caring for children and teenagers with certified ongoing training activities. It houses the pediatric specialization schools, professional healthcare training centers and the regional pediatric simulation network.

Health and Prevention

The Health Park

The Health Park is a structure in the immediate vicinity of the hospital dedicated primarily to daytime specialist activities.

The new structure will have waiting rooms, play areas and dedicated breastfeeding areas. It will also be home to the new Pediatric Neuropsychiatric Department, the only in-patient activity planned for the structure.

Let’s help Meyer grow together

Everyone can contribute to the project and help Meyer grow. How? By supporting us with a donation to the Meyer Foundation, which works alongside the hospital in its day-to-day operations and in the biggest challenges to help children. Every donation will symbolically become a brick that will be used to build the future of Meyer as well as that of its little patients, allowing us to work on all of the aspects that characterize Meyer as a hospital designed for children.