Salute e Prevenzione

Il Parco della Salute

Neuropsichiatria infantile

Una porzione del Parco della salute, con accesso e parcheggio riservati, sarà dedicata alla neurospsichiatria infantile che si occupa di diagnosi, cura e riabilitazione dei bambini e degli adolescenti fino ai 18 anni con patologie di interesse psichiatrico.

Let’s help Meyer grow together

Everyone can contribute to the project and help Meyer grow. How? By supporting us with a donation to the Meyer Foundation, which works alongside the hospital in its day-to-day operations and in the biggest challenges to help children. Every donation will symbolically become a brick that will be used to build the future of Meyer as well as that of its little patients, allowing us to work on all of the aspects that characterize Meyer as a hospital designed for children.